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Manual window controls are used for operating high level or hard to reach windows. The system consists of a manual opener fitted to the opening vent linked via lengths of conduit and cable to a wall mounted operator. The system is very flexible, as the conduit can be bent around obstructions to allow the operating handle to be positioned at an easy to reach location. Multiple vents can be operated from a single operator. Various types of operators are available from the most popular Midi Operator to the Maxi Operator for heavier window loads. The system can be fitted to most styles of windows and even be used on rooflights when used with screwjack opener.


Electric actuators are used for automating opening vents for Natural and Smoke Ventilation. There are two types of actuators available, Chain and Linear. Chain actuators are used on vertical vents and small, lightweight rooflights. Linear actuators are used for heavy rooflights and domes where a greater force is required to lift the vents. Bother types are available in 24V dc and 230V ac and are available in a variety of opening sizes.


Naturally ventilate your building environment for improved air quality with our advanced control systems. Systems can be linked to a variety of climate sensors including; rain sensors, wind sensors, internal and external temperature sensors, and CO2 sensors. Manual inputs can also be wired to the system such as switches and remote controls.


Ventilate your building environment in the event of smoke detection via automatic opening vents (AOV). Systems are normally integrated into staircase AOVs and end of corridor AOVs to provide the free area necessary for safe escape routes. Systems can be linked to a range of inputs including; smoke sensors, manual call points and fire alarm systems. All controls are tested to current European EN standards.